Clarence A. DeGiers
NEW YORK, 1964

     Past President, Clarence A. DeGiers, now president of the Liquidometer Corporation of Long Island City, contributed all the printing used in connection with the 1964 Reunion. Everybody agrees that it was a fine job and a big one. Lest we forget, Clarence DeGiers was also responsible for the placing of the 25-ton Early Bird monument on Governor's Island in New York Harbor ten years ago. This is the largest monument ever erected in memory of the Early Birds and their pioneering efforts in aviation.       Now that the election is over and the government has announced that Governor's Island will be discontinued as an Army installation, who is willing to venture a guess as to what will become of this magnificent monument?
From The Early Birds of Aviation CHIRP
December 1964, Number 71

via email from Gary Leunis, 8-18-08

     My grandmother was his 'care taker' and friend for 10, maybe 20 years until his death in old Brookville Long island. He was a very kind and gracious man.
      She died 8 years ago, but my father knows a lot more. If interested I'll foward your questions to my father.
Gary Leunis
Editor's Note: I thank Gary for this bit of insight into the personality of Clarence. I am very interested in whatever additional information his father may share with us.

via email from Gary Leunis, 8-28-08
Dear Ralph:
     Very few knew about this wonderful man. I am not an internet person, so I'll do the best I can. I'm 69 and I remember him well. My mother was his wife's special person 'for she was ill with emphesema since 1957.' My mother would go to their home 2 or 3 times a week to stay with her and care for her. About 10 years later, to the best of my recollection, she passed away. Mr. De Giers asked my mom to stay on. He was a private person and didn't want any fuss about him. He was a very bright person. There are things I could tell you, but I'll have to have maybe some questions from you.
      I have an envelope written by him regarding the first successful flight on the Isthmus of Panama. I believe it was 1911.
     Please reply. Give me time if you are interested.

     If you search for "Clarence DeGiers", using the Google search engine, (8-25-08), you will find about seven links, two of them back to this website. Among the most helpful are the following.

When Aviation Came To Panama
by George Chevalier
     Clarence has a primary role in this story. You will also find some other familiar names of Early Birds, O. G. Simmons and Robert Fowler and several other early fliers. Click on the title to access the site.
     You can also find a large photograph of Clarence and his plane by clicking on:
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Governor's Island - Early Bird Monument
     Clarence's name is on the plaque of this monument, along with those of the other 597 members. You can enjoy a virtual tour of the historical monument by clicking on the title above.

Clarence DeGiers died in 1987
From The Early Birds of Aviation
Roster of Members
January 1, 1996

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