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"Two Aviators Killed,"
Knoxville Journal and Tribune
Knoxville, Tennessee: February 3, 1914,
Transcribed by Bob Davis - 2-11-07
"Bourges, France, Feb. 2. - Captain Gaston Xiquet of the First Artillery and Lieutenant Jean Louis Delvert of the Twenty-First Artillery, both attached to the French army aviation corps, were killed today. They fell with the biplane while flying over the military aerodrome here."

     If you search for "Jean Louis Delvert", using the Google search engine, (2-13-07), you will find about 3 links. Perhaps the most helpful is the following.

     This page on the Dime Novels website offers the following paragraph:

"Captain Gaston Niquet, of the First Artillery, and Lieutenant Jean Louis Delvert of the Twenty-first Artillery both attached temporarily to the French Army Aviation Corps, were killed by falling with their biplane while flying over the military aerodrome, Bourges, France. Lieutenant Delvert was acting as pilot. The officers intended to drop explosive bombs and had reached a height of about 300 feet. In making a turn the biplane suddenly inclined to the left and fell. Delvert was picked up dead, and Captain Niquet died within a few minutes. The bombs were found among the wreckage. Lieutenant Delvert had been drafted by the Experimental Commission, succeeding Lieutenant Jean Kreyder, who was killed during a flight near here last May."

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Lieutenant Jean Louis Delvert crashed and died on February 2, 1914.
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