René Demanest
René Demanest, pilot for the Antoinette firm. April, 1909
Collection of Jean-Pierre Lauwers


Using the Google search engine on Demanest +Antoinette, you will find about five links. One of these, a pdf file, is especially valuable. If you search on the name Demanest, you will find numerous entries, many with excellent photographs. The site is in French, but very well worth your attention, even if you can't read the text.
To access it, click on:
Les moteurs et aéroplanes ANTOINETTE


Demanest is mentioned briefly as a fellow pilot with Hubert Latham on his site. You will probably want to browse the entire site
To access it, click on:
"A Man of the World"

You will probably want to use the FIND function on Demanest to find the reference.

René Demanest's birth & death year (1881-1947)
from the Champagne|berceau de l'aviation du Monde website
with a single photo as his entry may still be under construction.
Contributed by Pete Jones, 7-610

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