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Iy for home study and resident training
     The original projector, hand made in 1912, is on permanent display at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC.
     During World War II the DeVry Corporation was the only manufacturer of motion picture equipment to earn five Army-Navy flags for excellence in production and quality.
     The company developed and produced the world-famous J.A.N. (Joint Army Navy) 16mm sound projector which still remains as the standard for the Armed forces, with no peer.
     A DeVry 35mm automatic was the first movie camera placed in a V2 rocket to take movies 65 miles in outer space. Johns Hopkins University conducted this epochal event in November, 1946.
     The DeVry brothers also founded Energy Concepts, Inc., a leading supplier and developer of electronic training systems and equipment. Over five thousand public and private educational institutions, and hundreds of industrial firms use these training materials.
     In January 1975, the National Audio Visual Association, in a convention at Las Vegas, Nevada, honored the DeVry family in part as follows "Whereas the DeVrys, father and sons, through their vision and leadership played a significant role in the creation of useful and practical audio-visual devices; and Whereas, this innovative family, Herman the father, and Edward B. and William C. the sons, played a leading role in the birth of the audio visual industry as we know it today..."
     DeVry Technical Institute, a family enterprise, needed additional capital to expand its two schools in Chicago and Canada so they decided to merge with Bell & Howell, which resulted in four additional schools throughout the United States, bringing the total to six.


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