Charles Dickerson, 1928
Courtesy of
Laurent Brocard
The Flying Pioneers

     So frequently we are asked: who attended the first EB meeting, where was it held, and when? You also might like to have this information, so we are listing below the time, place, attendance, and officers on that first occasion.
     The meeting was held in Chicago on that famous date in history --- December 17, 1928 --- the 25th anniversary of the first Wright flight at Kittyhawk.
On hand and elected to membership were;
  *Ernie Jones
*Capt. Horace Wild
Logan A. "Jack" Vilas
*Richard H. Depew, Jr.
Ivan J. Gates
*Col. Chas. de F. Chandler
*P. G. B. Morris
Capt. J. F. deVillard
*Anthony H. B. Fokker
Dr. H. W. Walden
Chas. Dickerson
Marjorie Stinson

Members elected to office were as follows:
*P. G. Morris, President
Gen. B. Foulois, Vice President
*A. H. G. Fokker, Vice President
J. F. deVillard, Vice President
Lt. Col. H. C. Richardson, Treasurer
*E. L. Jones, Secretary
*R. H. Depew, Jr.
Raffe Emerson
*Earle Ovington
Dr. H. W. Walden
*Walter Brookins
     The asterisks indicate those who have passed away --- a vivid example of how the ranks are thinning.
From The Early Birds of Aviation CHIRP, July, 1956, Number 54

Charles Dickerson's name is not found among the list of members.
I have no explanation for this at this time.
From The Early Birds of Aviation CHIRP, June 1936

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