On the day he received his license.
Contributed by I. Mencarelli
Ufficio Storico aeronautica Militare (Air Force Historical Office) - 1980 - Rome

via email from Giuseppe Ciampaglia, 11-2-10
I have some good information for you.
     Renato Donati was the most skilled of the pilot's trainers with the Compagnia Nazionale Aeronautica created by the Italian Count, Giovanni Bonmartini.
     This pilot's school was first at the airport of Centocelle in Rome, from 1920 to 1922, and soon after in Montecelio, always near Rome.
     In Centocelle, Donati had as a pupil, the famous Soviet designer of Italian cultural origin Roberto Oros di Bartini, who, in this same place, earned the "Brevetto di pilotaggio" in the month of September, 1922. It is said that they have a very hard landing after an engine failure.

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Giuseppe Ciampaglia

Donati established a world altitude record in 1934.
Description courtesy of Paolo Variale,
Courtesy of Dario Silva
Photo from collection of Juan Manuel Quesada Fernandez, 9-11-05

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