Marcel Dubois
Marcel Dubois

Two French Army Officers Are Killed
Bilpanes Collide in Midair
During Early Morning Haze

Chattanooga, Tennessee, Daily Times
Thursday, June 20, 1912
Transcribed by Bob Davis - August 21, 2005
Douai, France, June 19. - Capt Dubois and Lieut. Albert Peignan, both officers of the French army, and trained airmen, were killed this morning when the biplanes they were piloting around the military flying ground, collided with terrific force in mid-air.
     The two officers, who were close friends, were unable to perceive each other while flying through the early morning haze. In making a curve their machines collided with an awful impact, the wire stays and canvas wings became interlocked and the two biplanes crashed to the ground.
     Lieut. Peignan was taken dead from among the debris. Capt. Dubois died within an hour.

via email from Dave Lam, 8-25-05
Dubois had license # 888, which was issued on 25 may 1912, with the exam taken in a Breguet. He, as had Peignan, had not been licensed very long before the crash in which both had been killed.

Capt. Dubois was killed on June 19, 1912.
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