Chummy Flyabout
Gallaudet & Dunlap
Edson Gallaudet & David Dunlap
Seated in the cockpit of the Chummy Flyabout
from Aerofiles
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via email from David E. Dunlap, Jr., 8-10-06
     Dad and Al Johnson (Early Bird) were brother-in-laws. He was my uncle and Lorain his wife was my mother's sister, making her my aunt. I flew with my uncle many times in those Golden Years.
     As a young boy, I have fond memories being raised on the Dayton Municipal Airport in the late twenties and early thirties. Al Johnson founded that Airport for the City Fathers of Dayton. It was here that I flew with Amelia Earhart in her famous, green colored "Beechnut" Auto gyro.
     Back in Jersey City, when dad was Chief Engr. for Col. Clarence Chamberlin of (Crecent Aircraft ), I flew with Chamberlin in one of his cabin aircraft. He flew my sister and I over the Empire State Building around 1928.
     There is too much to tell at this time, so I'll stop for now.
     For your knowledge, there is a picture of my father, sitting with Edson Gallaudet in the "Chummy Flyabout." on the Aeroflies web site. Dad was very young in this picture.
     Thank you for your response and I will be forwarding more data soon.
Dave Dunlap Jr,
Laguna Niguel, Ca.

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