Cliff Durant
Cliff Durant
500 MILE RACE MAY 1923
Collection of Michele Harris, 9-12-06

via email from Michele Harris, 9-14-06
      Cliff should also be noted for his contribution to the world of auto racing. Because of his insight and financial backing the Miller Straight Eight Front Wheel Drive Racing Engine was developed by Harry Miller and Tommy Milton. That engine was revolutionary and dominated the international racing scene for approximately the next 50-75 years. You can cross-reference this in books by Mark Dees and Griffith Borgestrom. Cliff's car, the Junior Eight, is in the Indy 500 museum. Another one of his cars (pleasure) is in the Auburn Cord Museum. Miller was an automotive design genius and also developed motors for airplanes and boats.
      In addition to his aviation, racing and golf he was also a yachtsman who sailed around the world on his yacht, the Aurora. He was also an excellent musician, violin, among other instruments. You can find reference to his violin, "Guarneri del Jesu", on Google.
      Cliff was also the Vice President for Sales and Marketing for Chevrolet of California and later West Coast Distributor and General Manager of Durant Motors of California.
Durant's Castle
Durant's Castle
Collection of Michel Harris, 9-12-06
        Iíve enclosed a picture of "The Castle", Cliff and Leaís home in Roscommon that burned. The land they owned aprox. 2,600 acres, is now a state nature preserve, The Mason Tract. If youíre a fly fisherman, this is the Holy Grail.
      Cliff was an amazing guy who lived an incredible life; Iím glad some of it is finally coming to light. Thank you Ralph once again for your work on the website.
Best Wishes

     If you search for "Cliff Durant" +racing, using the Google search engine, (9-13-06), you will find about 360 links. If you are especially interested in this phase of his career, you will find plenty of relevant links.
     You will find some of the vital statistics for Cliff on this website. You can access the page by clicking on the title above.

Cliff Durant
Beverly Hills Speedway
Collection of Michele Harris, 9-12-06
Tommy Milton, in a Durant-Miller,
won the race on April 2, 1922, going 115.24mph

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