John Edgerly
John Edgerly
North Island, San Diego
November, 1913
J. P. Edgerly, 1961


     Colonel John P. Edgerly was born in Vermont, April 3, 1888. He graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in June, 1910, and resigned from the U.S. Navy to accept a commission as 2nd Lieutenant in the Infantry. He was detailed into the Aeronautical Division in September, 1913 and relieved, upon marriage, in early 1914, then redetailed again May 31, 1917. He was retired because of physical disability in 1934 with the rank of Major. Again he saw active duty from October, 1940 to April, 1946 during which time he was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and Colonel.
     His first solo filight was made at San Diego, California in October, 1913. He was later a student at the North Island, San Diego, Aviation School of the Signal Corps Aviation Division in 1916, then served at Kelly Field and was overseas from July 1917 to December, 1918. The following year he was Department Air Officer, Southeastern Dept. at Charleston, S.C. and commanded Barron Field at Fort Worth. He was awarded the Commendation Ribbon.
     Today he resides at Apt. 85, 595 McAfee St., N.W., Atlanta, Georgia.
From The Early Birds of Aviation CHIRP, April, 1958, Number 59


Colonel John P. Edgerly died on August 12, 1982
Email from Wendy J. Smith, his grandaughter.

Dear Ralph,
My name is Wendy Smith and I am the grandaughter of John Page Edgerly. I was very interested to find your web site and see your information about him. The date of his death (1978 according to Roster of Members) is incorrect. My Grandfather kep thouse for himself until 1978. After his 90th birthday, he moved to his daughter's home and then mine; he was living with me at the time of his death - August 12, 1982. At that time, he was one of the 20 oldest living graduates of the Naval Academy (I think 12th oldest, but I'm uncertain).
My Grandfather attended many of the Early Bird reunions and enjoyed them very much. He also saw his name on the plaque in the Smithsonian.
Wendy J. Smith
(Received May 8, 2001)
From The Early Birds of Aviation ROSTER, 1996
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