Eric Ellington
Mrs. Hocutt, Col. Bronson and Ellington Portrait
Woman Who Waited 44
Years Visits Ellington
       Lt Eric Lamar Ellington gave his life to the Air Corps and his name to Houston's Ellington Air Force Base.
H wouldn't have done either had he listened to a woman'swarning 44 years ago.
     "I told him to give up flying," Mrs. B. A. Hocutt recalled in Houston Tuesday.
     This conversation took place in October, 1913
     TWO WEEKS later, Nov 4, 1913, Lt Ellington crashed to his death at San Diego, Calif, in one of those early pusher-tpe planes. (They carried theri propellers in back of the wings, pushing the plane instead of pulling it.)
     The Air Force considers Lt
Base, faced a lifesize oil portrait of the
young officer who died these many years ago. Her visit had been arranged by Maj W. N. Gremillion, information services officer of the air base.
     When she saw the portrait, she said; "It's not a very good likeness."
     Col Howard F. Bronson, base commander, showed Mrs. Hocutt around the place.
     She was deeply impressed with the modernity of airpower.
     MAJOR GREMILLION commented on Mrs. Hocutt's visit to Ellington, "I'm glad she liked what she saw out here. She had every right in the world to take a good long look at the place...'
     Lt Ellington was her brother.
Houston Post. Oct/Nov 1957.
Collection of Kathryn Black Morrow, 9-4-07

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