Harri Emery
HARRI EMERY - ca mid-1920
Collection of Sally Costik, 3-25-04

Harri Emery
HARRI EMERY - ca 1929
Travel Air Model B11D
Collection of Warren McCullough, 5-18-09

Harri Emery
Travel Air Model 2000
Collection of Warren McCullough, 5-18-09

Via email from Warren McCullough, 5-6-09
Dear Ralph:
      For starters, here are pictures of Harri Emery with two of his planes. I ran into a gentleman named Gene Chase about 20 years ago in Midland, TX, when he came through with a group retracing the stages of the 1929 Powder Puff Derby with a Travel Air biplane and a woman pilot. He made copies of the pictures and later identified the plane with Emery in the cockpit as a Travel Air Model 2000 with a 90 hp Curtiss OX-5 water-cooled V8 engine. The airstrip was on my great-grandfather William Harrison Emery's land outside Bradford, PA, and the picture must have been taken in the mid-20s. My late mother, who was born in 1922, remembered that she and her older twin brothers got plane rides whenever "Uncle Harri" got a new plane.
     In the other picture he is standing by his Travel Air Model B11D with a 240 hp Wright J6-7, with the engine cowling removed. The original photo has the stamp of a Cleveland photographer on the back, and I believe this was taken in Cleveland after Emery placed 4th in the Portland to Cleveland race at the end of August, 1929. Sadly, he was killed in the crash of his Travel Air enclosed cabin high-wing monoplane only a month later.
     Since my earlier email, I have located his Aero Club of America Aviator's Certificate #3533, issued December 18, 1918, and will be happy to share scans of it, other photos (including some he took of the "Spirit of St. Louis" somewhere) and additional information as time permits.
Warren McCullough
Helena, MT

Via email from Warren McCullough, 5-6-09
Mr. Cooper:
     I came across your website featuring Harri Emery. He was the brother of my grandmother Ella Emery Cramer and great-aunt Helen Emery Hoyt. My mother was Elizabeth Cramer McCullough. I have quite a few family photos of Harri and the others, and such relics as his Aero Club of America license (although I can't quite lay my hands on it just now). I thought I'd send this email to attempt to make contact.
Warren McCullough
Helena, MT

     If you search for "Harri Emery", using the Google search engine, (11-18-03), you will find about 12 links. Probably the best place to start is on the website just below.
The Dedication of the Bradford Airport
July 6 and 8, 1929
     This page on the Bradford Landmark Society website offers a glimpse into the early activities of Harri, as seen in the brief excerpt from the article.
     "Harri Emery, an avid pilot, was one of the first to fly an airplane into the city in 1919 at the age of 21, and was instrumental in the establishment of the local airport. He held the distinction of being the first flying instructor in this section of the country, and was considered as one of the most competent aviators of his day."
     If time permits, you will probably enjoy reading the whole story by clicking on the title above.

Bradford's Unknown Aviator
     This page on the Bradford Landmark Society website offers the most complete and comprehensive biography of Cramer I have found on the net. (11-18-03) Here you will find a fascinating story of his life and career as well as a beautiful picture of him and his friend Harri Emery in their plane.
     As his story unfolds, you will find many references to Harri, who was his friend since High School. You can access the page by clicking on the title above.

1905 McKean County Fairgrounds
     This page offers the story of the McKean County Fairgrounds from 1905 to 2001. The story is interesting for its own sake, but it also mentions Harri Emery who offered rides to fairgoers in 1920. In addition, it mentions an aeroplane which crashed in 1913, but doesn't record the pilot's name.
     If time permits, I am sure you will enjoy reading the whole story. To access the page, click on the title above..

     Of passing interest is the fact that you can find two accident reports of planes who departed from the Harri-Emery airport in Bradford, Pennsylvania, one in 1929 and another in 1969. If you want to see the report of the accident which occurred in 1929, just click on the title above.
     If you want to see the 1969 report, click on:
NTSB, 1969

Harri Emery died in 1929

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