Curtiss Class of 1913
  Class of 1913, June-July, Glenn H. Curtiss in front of engine.
Back row, standing; 1. Charles F. Niles; 2. Frank Thalman; 3. Mohan Singh; 4. J.L. "Lanny" Callan, instructor; 5. Francis "Doc" Wildman ; 6. John Van Vleet, instructor; 7. Frank Auckerman; 8. Leon Englehardt; 9. Steve MacGordon.
Seated, middle row: 1. L. Sperry; 2. Z.T. Barns; 3. M. Bates; 4. Leon "Windy" Smith; 5. Fred S. Gostenhofer; 6. H. Figelmessy;
Front row, seated: Charles C. Witmer, Ray Morris, Charles F. Niles, J.A.D. "Jack" McCurdy, naval constructor, H.C. Richardson, Lt. Bellinger, John D. Cooper
Class of 1913
Curtiss Museum Photo
     Editor's Note: This picture and legend can be found in the AAHS Journal, American Aviation Historical Society, Volume 29, Number 3, Fall 1984. It is one of many interesting pictures which serve to illustrate the extensive article about Jack Vilas, "Jack Vilas' 1913 Aerial Yacht', by Merrill Stickler. The picture is credited as a Curtiss Museum Photo. If you can find a copy of the journal and are interested in pursuing the story of Vilas and the other aviators in the Class of 1913, I heartily recommend it to you.
You can visit the webpage of the AAHS by clicking on:"
American Aviation Historical Journal.


I have no information as to the dates of his birth or death.
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