March 15, 1913  
  The Salisbury Plain Catastrophe.
     WE were able, in our last issue, to briefly record the untimely death of Mr. Geoffrey England on Salisbury Plain, and we would offer our deepest sympathy to his brother, Mr. Gordon England, and the other members of the family. A statement made at the inquest—at which a verdict of accidental death was returned— seems to have created in some minds an impression that undue influence is brought to bear to induce pilots to fly, however bad the weather may be, but such an idea, at any rate so far as the Bristol Co. or any other firm in Great Britain is concerned, is entirely erroneous. Naturally, experienced pilots are at all times anxious to demonstrate the flying qualities of their machines, and on occasions they may be allowed to go up if they so wish when the risks would be too great for a less qualified pilot to undertake. So far from any compulsion being used in the present instance, we understand that the unfortunate pilot actually volunteered to take the machine for the test which terminated fatally.
The Navy's Borel Hydro.
THE reception tests of the Borel hydro-aeroplane, purchased by the Admiralty at the Olympia Show, were carried out Rt the Isle of Grain on Tuesday morning. Chemet being the pilot and Lieut. Seddon the official observer. The wind ranged between 25 and 35 m.p.h., thus affording a good test of the capabilities of the machine which, with a 34 hours' supply of fuel and oil, carried out the hour's flight and the climbing tests to the complete satisfaction of the authorities. Although the surface of the water was none too smooth, mainly due to the wind, this did not affect the machine in the several rising and alighting trials which were made. During the speed tests there was a cross wind, but a speed of between 62 and 65 m.p.h. was attained. We understand from Messrs. Delacombe and Marechal, who have the agency for Borel machines in Great Britain, that another machine of similar type has been ordered by the Admiralty and it is to be delivered next week.

THE BRISTOLS IN TURKEY. --A gathering of several high personages of State after inspection
of a couple of Bristols supplied to the Turkish Government.

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