AKA Lt. Von Falkehyn
Lieut. Felix Von Falkenhyn,
from Peter Supfs book
" Das Buch Der Deutschen Fluggeschichte" vol 2.1958.
Courtesy of Rene Hackstetter, 8-8-06

German Army Aviator Dashed to Death
Chattanooga Tennessee, Sunday Times,
Sunday, June 23, 1912,
Transcribed by Bob Davis - August 21, 2005
"Doberitz, Germany, June 22. - Another army aviator was killed here yesterday evening. Lieut. Von Falkenhyn, of the German army, after making a flight in the military aerodrome, attempted to land, but made a false movement with one of the levers, which caused him to dash to the ground with great force. The machine was wrecked and the body of the aviator was found among the debris.

Lt. Felix Von Falkenhyn died in an Aviatik Eindecker in Doberitz 21 st June 1912
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