- Jacques Faure,
 Jacques Faure et son chien « Dirigeable
Jacques Faure et son chien « Dirigeable
désigné par l'Aéro-Club pour défendre les couleurs françaises à la coupe Gordon-Benett
designated by the Aero Club to defend the French colours in the Gordon-Benett Cup
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from Le Histoire en photos de l'Aviation

From Barbara Walsh, 5-9-08
     Hubert Latham's cousin, Jacques Faure,was one of the founding members of the French Aero Club in 1900. He was a well-known balloonist and accomplished all-round sportsman. He died of typhoid fever while hunting moose in Canada in 1910.
     Born in Paris, Hubert was raised within the small but elite circle of Protestant high society; he spoke perfect English and German and attended Balliol College, Oxford prior to his coming of age. In 1905, he made his first newsworthy mark in aviation with a record-breaking balloon-trip across the Channel with his cousin Jacques Faure.

     If you search for "Jacques Faure" +aviation, using the Google search engine, (5-9-08), you will find about 432 links. I suggest that you visit as many sites as time permits. Each one offers a little glimpse into the career of this pioneer.

French Military Mission to Japan (1918-1919)
     In this entry on Wikipedia, you will find a brief, but fascinating revue of the Mission, headed by Jacques Faure. Included are two photographs taken of the members of the mission which can be greatly enlarged. You will also find a listing of the airplanes, with links, which were taken to Japan by the Mission, as well as a Caquot dirigeable. By following that link, you will find a fascinating revue of Albert Caquot's career as an aeronautical engineer. You can access the page by clicking on the title.

Fauré died of typhoid fever while hunting moose in Canada in 1910.
Personal communication from Barbara Walsh.
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