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     Julien Felix earned French License # 270, getting it on 19 Oct 1910 on a Bleriot. At the time, he was an Army Captain.

"French Aviator Killed"
Knoxville Journal and Tribune,
Knoxville, Tennessee: June 18, 1914,
Transcribed by Bob Davis - 3-2-07
"Chatres, France, June 17. - Major Julien Felix was killed today while testing a new self-righting aeroplane. When at a height of sixty feet, the machine turned and dropped to the ground. The cause of the accident is a mystery. Major Felix organized the French aviation squadron for service in Morocco."

     If you search for "Julien Felix" +aviation -Henri, using the Google search engine, (3-6-07), you will find about 4 links, only one of which may be relevant.

Les Legihonneurs
     On this page you will find the following entry:


     I can't confrim that this is the same Felix who is the subject of this page, but I suspect that it is. You can access the page by clicking on the title above

Julien Felix died on June 17, 1914

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