George Gh Fernic
Collection of Petru-Aurelian Simionescu, 9-25-08

via email from Petru-Aurelian Simionescu, 9-25-08
     I learned about another Romanian aviator, GEORGE Gh. FERNIC He was born in Galati, Romania, on August 5, 1900, was an aviator, aircraft designer and race car driver.
      He founded the Fernic Aircraft Corporation on Staten Island, in New York, in 1929. Died in the crash of his Fernic F-T-10 Cruisaire at an air show on Curtiss Reynolds airfield in Chicago, Illinois, on October 22, 1930. His dream to fly in the F.T.9 aircraft he designed and built from New York to Bucharest, was never fulfilled.
      He was decorated post-mortem with the order of "Aviation Virtue" by the Romanian Government.
      He is the cousin of Romanian composer, amateur pilot and sky diver, Ionel Fernic (, who was also killed in an aviation accident in 1938.

Ancient Aviators
Inventor and Pilot George Fernic

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George Gh Fernic
Commemorative postcard issued in 2000 for his birthday centennial.
Collection of Petru-Aurelian Simionescu, 9-25-08

     If you search for "George Gh Fernic" +aviation, using the Google search engine, (9-25-08), you will find one very important link. It is written in Romanian, but a machine translation is available. - dictionar de personalitati
     This article offers a very complete and comprehensive biography of George and also his cousin, Ionel Fernic and another pioneer, Nihail Filip. Even the machine-translated into English is highly readable.      You can access the site by clicking on the title. A machine-translated version is available.
     If you wish to learn more about Romanian aviation, and don't read Romanian, you can click on:
     Once on the homepage, look for the title, "dictionary peresonalities" on the left side. If you click on it, you find yourself on a page, at the top of which the alphabet is listed. If you click on one of the letters, you will be taken to a page of aviators whose name begins with that letter. The translated version is a little hard to read, but much better than nothing,

George Fernic was killed in a crash in 1930

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