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Club Trustees Will Look Over Pros-
pects at Once--Aviator Pleased
With Reception here--Busi-
ness Men Talk Trip
June 20, 1919
     The Citizens' Club luncheon topic Monday noon was the trip made this week by the Chehalis Concert band and representative business men to Grays Harbor, Olympia, Tacoma, Seattle, Everett and other points enroute, starting Tuesday morning and returning Thursday night. t noon Tuesday the party lunched at Hoquiam, and spent the evening in Tacoma, the band giving concerts along the way. Arrangements by commercial bodies on the way had been made for entertaining, and at the luncheon plans for as large a representation of business men as possible were made. Vice-Pressident, C. O. Gingrich was chairman of the luncheon. After discussion of this topic, upon motion of Gus L. Thacker, band leader, the chair appoinrted A. E. Judd, E McBroom and N. B. Coffman a committee from the Citizens' Club to draw up resolutions of regret at the death of Governor Lister.
     Lieutenant Fetters of the army service, who flew to Chehalis from Portland in 65 minutes Monday morning, waas the guest of honor, with Sergeant Kessler, who accompanied him. Lieutenant Fetters esplained that he was covering the territory from Portland to Seattle for the government, securing data on landing places for future aerial commercial and government business, publicity for the service, maps of the districts covered, and the attitude of the public generally towards the service. He urged Chehalis to get a landing field at once, and let the public know it, for he predicted a great future for this new service. He was much pleased with his reception here. Following his address, a motion prevailed that the board of trustees of the club at once take steps to secure such a field.
Newsclipping from the Chehalis Bee-Nugget
June 20, 1919

Courtesy of Karen L. Johnson, 12-3-04

I have no information as to the dates of his birth or of his death.

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