Robert S. Fogg

"Bob" Fogg, Lake Air Mail Pilot,
Blazes New Trail In Rural Service

Reprinted from...
The Manchester Union
"August 7, 1925 edition"
Courtesy of Beth Lavertue,
Weirs Historian

This interview of a Union correspondent with Robert S. Fogg, United States mail pilot, was sent to Manchester via the air route from Wolfeboro.
WOLFEBORO-AUG. 7 - A few generations ago a surprised nation sat up and took notice of the "Pony express."' and the speed with which it carried a letter across the American continent. Just as enthusiastic as people were in those pioneer days are residents of the Winnipesaukee region over the rural mail service introduced here Aug. 1.
The "pony express" was acclaimed as a great forward step, but where it took a rider days and weeks to cross the plains, it takes but a few minutes over an hour for United Stated mail pilot Robert S. Fogg of Concord to cover 65 miles, and drop and take on mail from 10 camps located at various points on Lake Winnipesaukee.
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From Ask Dr. Heald
Weirs Times Historian
Here you will find an interesting response to the previous article. The author comments on the claim that Bob flew the first air service in the United States. He includes a report on the flight of Earl Ovington September 23, 1911.
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The date of his death is unknown

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