AIRSHOW, Houston, Texas 1911
Sitting, l-r: Joseph Seymour, John Frisbie, Rene Simon ('flying fool'),
Edmund Audemars, Rene Barrier, Roland Garros, Peter Young (manager),
and Charles Hamilton (standing)
From AIRSHOW, Houston, Texas 1911
By permission of Story Sloane, 10-12-09

Contributed by Roberta Gdowik, 10-9-09
Hi Ralph,
     My name is Roberta Laird Gdowik and I am the great-granddaughter of John Frisbie. I had some photos and his pilots licence but it got burned in a fire. I will continue to look for more info and send it on to you.
      I do know John was inducted into the Aviation Hall of Fame sometime in the mid 60's?, in Hammondton, N.Y. My son Jonathan Gdowik works for the FAA in Silver Spring, MD. and sent these articles to me. I believe John Frisbie was the 23rd. or 24th. licensed pilot in the U.S. He also flew hot air balloons in Mew Mexico. No one else is alive to ask but I will investigate more. Hope this is interesting for you.
Roberta Gdowik
Editor's Note:Yes, this is very interesting. Thank you for sharing this information with us.

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