Donald FROST
I need a photo of him. If you can help, please contact me.

from L. Greg Johnson, 1-14-03
Nephew of Donald Frost

     I looked up his name and was surprised that your web site said he died in 1950. My uncle (my aunt's husband) was named Donald Frost and he was an early pioneer of aviation.
     Starting just before WWII, I know he was training American pilots how to fly... and doing it in biplanes. He also served, in the 1970's-1980's, I think, as the director of the FAA for the Pacific Island region and until as late as about 5 years ago was an instructor in acrobatic flight out of Honolulu airport.
     Another thing he mentioned to me was that he was in early Western films as an extra, since he also rode horses well.
     He probably has passed away, as the last time I saw him about 3 years ago, he had symptoms of Altzheimers.
L. Greg Johnson
Editor's Note: You will notice a disparity between the date of death, as recorded in the Roster of the Early Birds, 1950, and the details in the story above. I can imagine at least two explanations. Either the date in the Roster is incorrect, or it refers to a different Donald Frost. If you can help to clear up the confusion, we would love to hear from you.

Donald Frost died in 1950
From The Early Birds of Aviation
Roster of Members
January 1, 1996

Editor's Note:
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