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Albert B. Gaines, Jr.
an article by Harold E. Morehouse
from American Aviation Historical Journal AAHS Spring 1968,
Collection of Bob Davis, 8-31-08
     "As a wealthy sportsman and ardent motorist, an expert at trap shooting, Albert B. Gaines, Jr. learned to fly in 1913 and became one of the Pre-World War One supporters of sport flying.
     "Gaines was born August 11, 1884 at Rochester, New York, where his father was operated a chain of hotels and was a founding member of the Hot Springs, Arkansas Health Resort.
     "Observing the many early flying events in the New York area, he became interested in aviation, entered the Wright Flying School at Dayton, Ohio in August, 1913. His instructor was Oscar A. Brindley , and others in the class were Howard Rinehart, Lindop E. Brown, and C. J. Peterson.
     "In mid-October, after a brief business trip to New York, Gaines returned to Dayton to resume his flying practice and then performed his license tests with ease, obtaining F.A.I. License No. 269, dated October, 1913, qualified on a Model B Wright landplane.
     "Gaines was commissioned First Lieutenant, Signal Officers reserve orps, Aviation Section in early 1917, was assigned to active duty and went overseas in the early spring of 1918, where he served as an instructor on French caudron planes.
     "After the war Gaines returned to New York and the brokerage business but continued to fly as a sport. He made his home in Englewood, New Jersey, and early in th esummer of 1933 was working on an airplane at the Teterborough Airport. Gaines and a companion, Emmett Anderson, were returning to Englewood, New Jersey from the airport about midnight of the thirteenth of July when they collided head-on with a disabled car standing in the road during a dense fog that obscured the entire area. Anderson was killed instantly and Gaines was pronounced dead on arrival at the Jersey Hospital.

     If you search for "Albert B. Gaines" +aviation, using the Google search engine, (9-1-08), you will find just two links, one on the Japanese ebay website.
     You will find a very brief description of his aeroplane on the Aerofiles website. You can access the page by clicking on the title.

     If you search for "Albert B. Gaines, Jr." +aviation, using the Google search engine, (9-1-08), you will find just one link.
American Aviation Historical Journal AAHS Spring 1968
     On this date, 9-1-08, you will find this edition of the magazine to be offered for sale on ebay. You can access the page by clicking on the title.

Albert B. Gaines, Jr. died in an accident on July 14, 1933

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