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Transcribed by Nancy Mess, 6-3-04
  1914, MAY 12, Tuesday
Scranton Birdman Ordered to be in Readiness for War Service. Martin Gairens Volunteers to Do Scout Duty for Uncle Sam And War Department Tells Him to Be Prepared for Orders
. . . Martin Gairens, aviator and all round adventurer, a young man who left his home here a few years ago when aerial navigation first began to engage the attention of men who set low value upon their lives. Gairens has been successful as an aviator. So successful in fact that he is now the possessor of three aeroplanes, one of them a Bleriot of the most modern type, and he has been gathering in sheaves of money arranging exhibitions for fairs and expositions. Associated with him are Mestash and Gressier, whose names often occur in newspaper stories dealing with record flights and daredevil stunts far above terra firma. As a sort of stage title, the Scranton man has annexed the name McCormick and he is known among the birdmen as Gairens-McCormick. New York is his headquarters, but he makes long trips over the country giving exhibitions . .

I have no information as to the dates of his birth or of his death..
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