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via email from Earl Josserand, 12-30-03
     I have some small bits of information on Early Bird Harry Gantz. He was born 9/4/1888 in South Dakota, and graduated from Kemper Military School in 1907. He served as a second lieutenant in company C of the 23rd Infantry from 1912 to 1915 before transferring to the Aviation Section. This information is taken from the 1916 Army Register.

     Here might be a good spot to list those 61 pioneer officers of the Aviation Section, Signal Corps, or with it, in order of duty, as of June 30, 1916. (Of course, other officers have been a part of the air force but they have lost their lives or have left the flying contingent)
     F. P. Lahm, B. D. Foulois, J. C. Walker, Jr., C. G. Chapman, H. A. Dargue, J. C. Morrow, V. E. Clark, R. H. Willis, B. Q. Jones, D. B. Netherwood, T. S. Bowen, W. L. Patterson, Leslie MacDill, S. W. FitzGerald, W. G. Kilner, Harry Gantz, A. R. Christie, E. L. Canady, B. M. Atkinson, H. W. Harms, H. S. Martin, J. F. Curry, C. C. Culver, Roy S. Brown, J. W. Heard, Ralph Royce, Carl Spatz, S. H. Wheeler, J. B. Brooks, G. H. Brett, H. C. Davidson, C. W. Russel (NF), G. E. A. Reinburg, M. F. Harmon, J. C. McDonnell, J. W. Butts, L. G. Heffernan, J. C. P. Bartholf, Maxwell Kirby, W. A. Robertson, Davenport Johnson, R. B. Barnitz, J. D. von Holtzendorff, M. F. Scanlon, P. L. Ferron, G. E. Lovell, E. N. Macon (NF), Geo. O. Squier (NF), J. L. Dunsworth, J. F. Byrom, B. G. Weir, B. W. Mills, E. L. Naiden, W. A. Glassford (NF), Wm. Mitchell.
From the Early Bird CHIRP, JULY 31, 1949, Number 41
Courtesy of Steve Remington at COLLECTAIR

Harry Gantz
     This letter appears to promote the use of Air Mail, "Speeded to you by Air Mail," "Reply by Air Mail." It is signed by EB Colonel Harry Gantz and is postmarked SEATTLE, WASH., DEC 9, 1932. It offers one of the few clues to his career.
It has been donated through the courtesy of Stéphane Sebile.

Harry Gantz died in 1932
From The Early Birds of Aviation
Roster of Members
January 1, 1993

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