William D. Geiger, Jr.
From the Los Angeles Times Obituary, 2-8-06

via email from "Martin", 2-16-06
     There are two aviators by the name of William Dodd Geiger. The elder one, who was a pilot in WWI, was the father of William Dodd Geiger, Jr., a member of the Eagles Squadron in WW II, who passed away last week. The following link is to his obituary from the Los Angeles Times of February 8, 2006:

William Dodd Geiger, Jr.

      My Uncle, Wilson "Bill" Edwards, flew with him in the Eagle Squadron.
Regards, Martin
Editor's Note: I thank Martin for alerting me to this story from the Los Angeles Times. I had been totally unaware of any details of the family. By chance, the family lives in Pasadena, CA, where I make my home. I hope to be in contact with them sometime in the future.

via email from "Martin", 2-17-06
      In my previous e-mail, I provided the recent obituary, from the LATimes, of William Geiger Jr. I have now uncovered some additional information which may be of interest. As I told you in my last letter, my Uncle Wilson "Bill" Edwards also flew for the Eagle Squadron. This is why I have 20 some books on the squadron. I found the following, from the book "THE EAGLES WAR" by Vern Haugland :

"Eagle pilot Bill Geiger was from an air minded family. His father was in the Balloon Corps in WWI and an Uncle Harold Geiger a West Point graduate for who Geiger Field, in Spokane, Washington, was named- he received a license to fly in 1912.
Bill Geiger Jr. was captain of the fencing and ski teams at Pasadena City College, in California, at the time he heard about the Eagles. " I had an Olympic coach in fencing and was trying to work up to a spot on the Olympic team, when I decided I would rather fly in the RAF."

Cheers, Martin


     If you search on "William D. Geiger" using Google, (2-17-06), you will find about 17 links. At this time, I have only confirmed that one may be relevant.

     This page on the Eagle Squadron's website, lists a William D. Geiger as a member of the squadron. In addition, if you go to the story of the 71 squadron, by clicking on the name, you will find these brief remarks attributed to him.
     "On 27 August 1941 Bill Dunn put his new Spitfire to good use by shooting down down 2 Me 109Fs near Lille. Bill Geiger wrote of the summer's actions: "We were probably the top close escort squadron in the RAF. We certainly did more than anyone else. I think we had something of a record in that we never lost a bomber due to fighter action in the summmer of 1941." Early in September No 71 began transitioning to the Spitfire Vb and by month's end Gus Daymond & Chesley Peterson each destroyed 2 and Carrol McColpin got 1. Of his first kill, a Me 109 shot down near Le Touquet on 7 Sept 1941."
     I can't be sure this is the same William D. Geiger who is the subject of this entry, but I think it is. You can access the page by clicking on the title above.

Caged Eagles
Downed American Fighter Pilots
Vern Haugland
Product Details
Paperback:191 pages
Publisher: Tab Aero, 1992,
ISBN: 0830621474
Sources: You will find some used copies if you search the internet.
     "The author presents the compelling stories of those eagles who survived being shot down in action over enemy territory to become fugitives from capture or prisoners of war in Europe, North Africa and even Asia."
      You will find about 12 pages devoted to the experiences of William D. Geiger Jr. in the book.
The photo and the description come from the Aeroplane Books.com website.

William Dodd Geiger Jr., died on February 8, 2006 in Pasadena, CA.

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