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Augustin Parlá Orduña
     On this page you will find an entry which describes the career of Augustin Parla, including his role in the first commercial flight from Cuba, in association with Johnny Green.. It is brief, but does include some details of the event and the company which was involved. You can access the page, which is hosted on a Russian website, by clicking on the title above. You may want to use the "FIND" function on Green to locate the entry on the page.

Johnny Green
Aviation in Tennessee
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via email from Franklin L. Foster, 8-21-04
I suppose you already know this, but Johnny Green was buried in Scottsville, Kentucky in 1934. A few years ago I was asked to play the part of Johnny Green for some elementary school children and so I learned a bit about him. When I discovered that he was buried in the old city cemetary, I went over (I live less than 100 yards from this cemetary) to find his tombstone. I found it but it was in pretty bad shape.
      It had been concrete and the years had taken their toll. I found a replacement stone and with the help of a local guy that carves gravestones, had a new one made for Johnny. The old stone is at the Allen County Historical Society. On both stones is the following: "He fell by the wayside and the angels carried him home."
     According to some local sources, his mother was quite a character as well. I am a history teacher at Allen County-Scottsville High School.
Franklin L. Foster

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