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Happy Foursome Take Swift
Journey From New York, Here
Clarence Chamberlin
       Clarence D. Chamberlin, famous Atlantic flyer, aiding Lee Clark,
New York showgirl, from the cabin of his Crescent monoplane, following
their arrival at the Buffalo Airport Saturday afternoon. Below are
Michael Gregor, Russian Plane designer and Mary Ellen Tremaine, "fly-
ing schoolma'm," who also accompanied Chamberlin on his cross-state
       One of America's greatest fliers, who flew a single-motored monoplane from New York far into Germany, was a visitor in Buffalo Saturday.
     It was Clarence D. Chamberlin.
     Chamberlin dropped on the Buffalo Airport runways at 3:40 p. m. to make a hurried visit to the Buffalo aviation show in Broadway auditorium and to spend a few moments with Major R. H. Fleet, president of the Consolidated Aircraft corporation, who invited the intrepid flyer to Buffalo.
     Possibilities were that Chamberlin would negotiate with Major Fleet for the purchase of several Consolidated modesl for use in his contemplated training schools.
     He was accompanied on his cross-state flight Saturday by Michael Gregor, famous Russian aviator and his chief assistant; Mary Ellen Tremaine, flying "school ma'am," of East Orange, N. J., and Lee Clark, New York show girl.
     The party traveled in a Crescent monoplane, powered with a 300-horsepower Wright J-6 motor. The craft was designed by Gregor and built in Chamberlin's factory in New York.
     Chamberlin has been flying all over the Eastern states during the last few weeks in the interests of his proposed string of flying schools, the first of which opened in Norfolk,k Va., recently.
     Thursday he flew from New York to Washington personally to invite President and Mrs. Hoover to attend the Aviation ball in New York. Friday he delivered a new Crescent plane to a Philadelphia training school.
Collection of SallieGerry Adamson, 2-12-07

An interesting reference to Michael,
including a photo one of his airplanes,
is found on the AeroFiles website.
You can visit that reference by clicking on:
and using the "Find" function on "Gregor"
Plan to spend some time on this wonderful site.

The Cradle of Aviation Museum,
on Mitchel Field, Garden City, New York 11530
has produced a fascinating website,
The Cradle of Aviation Series.
I invite you to visit their homepage by clicking on:
Cradle of Aviation Museum
After you have browsed The Official Site,
You might like to read the story on
Seversky Aircraft & Republic Aviation
Michael is mentioned briefly in the story.
You can visit that reference by clicking on:
and using the "Find" function on "Gregor"

Canadian Car & Foundry
Aircraft Production
at Fort William
on the Eve of World War II
Jonathan Grenville Kirton
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Cloth: 315 pages; 6x9 inches
Publisher: Thunder Bay Historical Museum Society, Inc
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ISBN: 978-0-920119-58-7
from Jonathan Kirton, 10-7-09
     Regarding Early Bird member: Michael Gregor, my new book covers a good deal of Michael Gregor's early career as an aeronautical engineer and test pilot, and particularly his involvement with Canadian Car Foundry, Co. Ltd. between 1937 and 1939.
     The book may be ordered directly from the Thunder Bay Historical Museum Society, Inc. at:

Thunder Bay Historical Museum Society, Inc

     The price is $ 39.95 Canadian, FOB Thunder Bay, plus packing and parcel post costs.

Michael Gregor died in 1953
From The Early Birds of Aviation
Roster of Members
January 1, 1993

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