George D. Grundy, Jr. George D. Grundy, Jr.  
  George Debaun Grundy, Jr. 1994. George Debaun Grundy, Jr. 1995.  

George Debaun Grundy Jr. was born June 21, 1998 in New York City. 1916
George D. Grundy, Jr. soloed September 17, 1916 at his father's flying school on Long Island. He flew only a short time testing and demonstrating auto pilots in a Benoist flying boat as he stood on a wing with a second person on the opposite wing to balance the plane. He soon quit aviation and went into real estate where he remained until retirement.
This from The Early Birds of Aviation, Inc. EARLY BIRD TIMES, October 1995

     George D. Grundy, Jr. is elected to be President of THE EARLY BIRDS OF AVIATION, INC. He will serve with James R. Greenwood, as Vice President, Eleanor I Wagner as Treasurer, Dale L. "Andy" Anderson as Secretary and Barri Wysong as Secretary.
This from The Early Birds of Aviation CHIRP, July, 1995, Number964

     As of this date, March 6, 1998, of the 598 original Birds whose names appear on the bronze plaque displayed in the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, he is the last of the original Early Birds still alive.
     May. George D. Grundy Jr., the last survivor among fliers recognized as the Early Birds of Aviation, died May 19, 1998 in Leesburg, Fla., nursing center. He was 99. His wife Norma Grundy died in 1993. They had no children. A nephew, Joseph Kelleher of St. Petersburg , Fla., is Mr. Grundy's only survivor.
From the Knight-Ridder article, reproduced on the site.
Probably written by Carol Osborne of Santa Clara, CA

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