Camille Guillaume
1910 - Camille Guillaume de Mauriac
Collection of Jean-Pierre Lauwers

Camille Guillaume
1910 - Aérodrome de Port-Aviation
Collection of Jean-Pierre Lauwers

     Aérodrome de Port-Aviation --- Camille GUILLAUME (de Mauriac), the famous builder of aerial apparatus ,has flown with two Gnome Motors in tandem, 100 HP, and descended in a parachute.
On apparatus of his construction, Blériot type.

By email from Dave Lam, 1-25-03
     Ralph, I can't prove it, but I bet this is the Guillaume who got a French license # 651 on October 6, 1911. He was born August 25, 1882 at Egleton (Correze--France). Dave


     Using the Google search engine on "Camille Guillaume", you will find about 44 links. Only one of them seems to be related to the aviator. My favorite is that of Port Aviation, which was suggested to me by Jean-Pierre Lauwers, the source of so many fine images from the period. The site is only in French, but has valuable sections devoted to photographs and history." Included among the images are 33 of buildings, 40 of schools, 47 of pilots and 12 of aeroplanes. Most of them seem to be from the 1908-1909 period. You will find one of Camille Guillaume in the collection. You can access it by clicking on:
Port Aviation
     If you have the time, and the interest, you will be well rewarded by browsing the entire selection.

I can't find the dates of his birth or death.

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