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Extract from email from Toivo Kitvel, 11-18-06
     An argument for Ljuba Golantschikowa. being born in Estonia is the following. She went to Fokker, and guess what - Fokker had two Estonians - Arthur Grünberg and Johannes Haas, one can find these men on the pilots lists who got their licenses before the WW1 in Germany - hired to work for him. Do you think that it was just a coincidence?
     My guess is that she knew that there were other Estonians in Fokkers team and they might have helped her to be hired too ( I personally suppose, that her best asset has something to do with her appearances; but anyway, to knock the Fokker workshop`s door, one has to have somebody waiting for her, and I am sure that she had met Grünberg and Fokker while they visited St Petersburg. And in St Petersburg there were more Estonians living in these days than in Tallinn (Revel) the capital of Estonia). And as a singer she was hired by a guy whose (first) name was Oskar or something, also not a Russian name at all.
     And womenfolk in Estonia was in these days a lot more emancipated than in other places of the Russian empire. Even I was surprised when I saw how many woman were included in the candidates list of the Municipality Council election in the small town of Arensburg (in Estonian - Kuressaare).

I have no information as to the dates of his birth or of his death..

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