Kaiserlichen Aero-Clubs

Kaiserlichen Aero Club, Berlin - 1918.
Collection of Rene Hackstetter, 1-24-05

Kaiserlichen Aero Club, Johannisthal - 1918.
Von der Flugwoche in Johannisthal:
Das neue, schmucke Clubhaus des Kaiserlichen Aero-Clubs auf dem Flugplatz
Of the flight week in Johannisthal:
The new, decorative club house of the Imperial Aero Club on the airfield

Collection of Rene Hackstetter, 11-17-10

Karl Hackstetter

Collection of Rene Hackstetter, 1-18-05

Karl Hackstetter
The Membership List of the Kaiserlich Aero Club for 1918.
"Please note under Karl Hackstetter what he is listed as."
Portion of Page 19
Collection of Rene Hackstetter, 1-18-05

     If you search for "Kaiserlichen aero-club", using the Google search engine, (1-28-05), you will find just two links. The one cited immediately below offers a beautiful picture of a view from the roof of the Johannisthal club.

Flugplatz und Wiege der deutschen Luftfahrt

Johannisthal airfield and cradle of German aviation
     This page is just one of many on the Luftfahrtgeschicte.com website. It is written in German, but a reasonable machine translation is available directly from the Google page. It tells the story of "Johannisthal, the Cradle of German Aviation," and offers three beautiful pictures including one taken from the observation roof of the clubhouse pictured above. You can access the original article, in German, by clicking on the title above. If you need the English version, click on:
English Version

     If you read German, I highly recommend that you visit the homepage of this website. It appears to offer a comprehensive revue of the development of German aviation from 1783 to 1939. It includes some twelve subsections and many pages devoted to specific subjects. You can access the homepage by clicking on the name, above.

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