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Hadley Relives Past

     On Feb. 19, 1935, Clifton O. Hadley celebrated his 58th birthday by flying his Monocoupe around Reading and the following day hopping it to the scene of his first air adventure at Tarrytown, landing on the ice of the Hudson three times and flying back to Reading. Annually he thus observes the anniversary of his first flights made off the ice in 1912.
from CHIRP - AUGUST 17, 1935 - DETROIT, MICH.
courtesy of Steve Remington - CollectAir


     If you search for "Clifton O. Hadley" using Google, you will find three links. I think the most valuable is on the Historical Society of Berks County website entitled:
The Reading Aero Club - After 40
Article from the booklet titled "The Reading Aero Club 1932-1972"

     This article tells the story of the Reading Aero Club from its inception in 1932 to the date of its 40th anniversary, 1972. I contains several paragraphs which refer directly to Clifton O. Hadley. In addition, in the course of recounting the story of the club, it mentions several other important members of the club. To access this interesting story, just click on the title above.
       If you are curious and search for "Reading Aero Club" using Google, you will find a link to their homepage.
The Reading Aero Club
     On it you will find a brief description of the club, a membership application, an aerial photo of the airport, photos of the four club airplanes, and contact information. To visit the site, just click on the title above.

     You will find this entry on the North Carolina Centennial of Flight website is absolutely priceless. It offers a very comprehensive biography of him and a photograph of his monoplane from the North Carolina State Archives, a copy of which is seen at the top of this page. In addition, it has several references to Clifton O. Hadley. You can access the site by clicking on the title above. You may want to use the FIND button to locate the entry on the page.
     If time is available, you will be rewarded by visiting the homepage and sampling the other sections such as Timeline, Pioneers, Accounts, Centennial and resources. Among the pioneers you will find biographies of other aviators, some familiar, some unfamiliar, all of them interesting. Many of their stories are illustrated with priceless photographs from the North Carolina State Archive. To access the homepage, just click on the name of the website,
North Carolina Centennial of Flight.

Clifton O. Hadley died in 1963
From The Early Birds of Aviation
Roster of Members
January 1, 1993

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