Marcel Hanriot
Marcel Hanriot
       Marcel Hanriot on June 4, 1910 pilot the monoplane Hanriot VI of Bétheny in Mourmelon. June 10, it takes down its patent of piloting (n° 95). He is the youngest licensed pilot of Europe.
Copy from Marcel Hanriot, le plus jeune pilote d'Europe
Marcel Hanriot
the "Boy Aviator," at Rheims Aviation Meeting
on his Hanriot monoplane
from Flight/global archive - July 16, 1910
Marcel in the Hanriot IV
       Marcel Hanriot, first pilot to be sprung during the great week of aviation of Rouen, Friday 17 1910 worms 18h00, on a monoplane Hanriot IV built by his father. He is the youngest licensed pilot of France and the youngest aviator of Europe, undoubtedly of the world. (Collection of M-H Clerget)
Copy from Marcel Hanriot, le plus jeune pilote d'Europe

Marcel in the Hanriot IV
Hanriot monoplane panicking the horses
Library of Congress Collection, 9-17-06

Marcel Hanriot, le plus jeune pilote d'Europe
(Marcel Hanriot, the youngest pilot of Europe.)
by Gerard Hartmann

     "Marcel Hanriot was born in Champlitte in High Savoy, June 8, 1894. When he is still child, his/her father Rene Hanriot acquires the celebrity by victories in the races of car. In 1903, whereas his/her father disputes the race Paris ­ Madrid, the young person Hanriot (which is only 9 years old) spends the night to beautiful star, between Versailles and Choisy-the-King, to attend the passage of his father. But after a few kilometers of road, the race is finished for Rene Hanriot, " a group of two cylinders having left the engine and crossed the cap ". The following year, at 37 years, Rene Hanriot beats the record of the world speed on road, with 128 km/h. He settles in the Châlons-on-Marne (many nant out of Champagne) where the roads are punts and all right: he hopes to reach 180 km/h with a Darracq gross of 200 CH. Its copilot is not other than his son. In 1906, on Darracq of 120 CH, Rene Hanriot finish second of the circuit of the Ardennes."
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Early Hanriots
     This series of articles on the Aerodrome Forum website is primarily devoted to the history of René Hanriot and the the Hanriot aeroplanes, but because of Wagner's relationship with the company, offers many details of his career. If you don't choose to read the entire series of articles, you may want to use the "FIND" function on Wagner so as not to miss any of the occurences of his name.
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Marcel Hanriot died in 1961.
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