Monnier Harper
Monnier Harper - 1912
Photo courtesy of Jean-Pierre Lauwers, 8-20-07

Monnier Harper
1912 Monnier Harper hydroplane at Warmond
Photo & legend courtesy of Jean-Pierre Lauwers, 8-20-07

via email from Lodewijk Muns, 12-11-09
Dear Sir,
     The aviator whose craft is shown on was a violin virtuoso, born in Belfast, at the time living in Holland. His dates are 17-8-1888 – 1-1-1916. The Nether lands Music Institute has materials from his archive, including several photographs of his planes (none of them in the air …). A short biography will one of these days be placed on our website.
     The person “flying” the plane is however not Arthur Monnier Harper, but presumably an assistant or associate. About tests at Warmond I have no information, though we have several photographs taken on the same location. I’d be happy to know whether Mr. Lauwers’ picture has additional information on the backside.
Yours truly,
Lodewijk Muns

Monnier Harper died on January 1, 1916.

Editor's Note:
If you have any information on this pioneer aviator
please contact me.
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