1888 -1931
Edward Heath
Baby Bullet from the 1929 air races
"Maybe Heath is in the image...not sure.
I see there is an image of Heath on his Wikipedia page,
in case you are still looking for a portrait."

Contributed hy Paul Melzer, 11-29-12

     If you search for "Edward B. Heath", using the Google search engine, (8-24-05), you will find about ten of 33 links. Perhaps the most helpful is the following.

     This page on the Aviation-Heritage website offers a wealth of information on the life and career of Heath and is fully illustrated with some very nice photographs. You can access the site by clicking on the title above.
     If time permits, I recommend that you visit the Aviation Heritage Books page on the Wind Canyon Books, Inc. homepage by clicking on:

     I have the 1927 Heath Spokane Super Parasol and am looking for pictures of the airplane that Ed Heath flew in the 1927 Spokane, Washington Air Race. It was the 7th National Air Derby. This airplane took 1st place in the light plane race. It was powered with a Bristol Cherub engine. I am looking for original pictures that I can copy for my museum display and am trying to find out what colors the airplane was painted.
     I am also looking for the whereabouts of the two 1st place trophies that Ed won in the Spokane race. Is there a copy of the check that he won ?
Please advise,
Jerry Turner nosref@peoplepc.com
Nostalgic Reflections Museum
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Veradale, Washington 99037

Edward B. Heath died in 1931
From The Early Birds of Aviation
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January 1, 1993

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