Albert S. Heinrich Albert S. Heinrich  
  Albert S. Heinrich Albert S. Heinrich, 1971  
  Albert S. Heinrich was born in Brooklyn, N.Y. October 27, 1889. He died June 25, 1974
     Shortly after the turn of the century, Albert and his brother, Arthur O. were building and very successfully racing speed boats. Their dreams and ambitions were turned to aviation by the work of the Wright Brothers. However, they felt that an airplane should have only one pair of wings like a bird.
     Construction was started in 1909, and in May 1910 it was successfully flown. Albert, age 21, was the pilot on the first flight. Arthur, age 23, piloted the second flight. They had to teach themselves to control their plane and did so after becoming airborne.
     Every airplane they built was a success. They built trainers and operated two flying schools. During the first World War, they built a number of airplanes for the U.S. Army.
When his brother died in 1958, Albert retired and moved to Florida. Later he went to live in Fort Ashby, West Virginia.
This from The Early Birds of Aviation CHIRP, January, 1975 Number 81
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