John C. Henning
John C. Henning
from a photo showing
Group of Early Bird flyers
n front of Wright Memorial
August, 1940
Collection of Wright State University

John C. Henning
Group of Early Bird flyers
in front of Wright Memorial
August, 1940
From left to right, 1st row: J. William Kabitzke, Orville Wright, Charles Wald,
2nd row: Walter Brookins (partially seen:, Roderick M. Wright, John C. Henning, Captain Kenneth Whiting, Bernard L. Whelan, C. Albert Elton, Robert G. Fowler.
In the center at rear, George A. Gray.
Collection of Wright State University

     If you search for "John C. Henning +aviation" using the Google search engine, (9-21-03), you will find just three links. There is only a very brief mention of John in the website just below, but the story is interesting..
California National Guard's First (Naval) Aviator
Eugene Burton Ely
by Mark J. Denger
     "In February 1910, shortly following America's First International Air Meet in Los Angeles, E. Henry Wemme purchased one of Curtiss' first 4-cylinder Biplanes and took the agency for them in the Northwest. However, having never flown, nor having any actual knowledge of aircraft, Wemme found himself unable to fly it. Eugene Ely offered to try to fly the little 4-cylinder plane, but only wound up crashing instead. Feeling so badly about the mishap, Ely bought the wreck from Wemme. With a plane of his own, he soon made the necessary repairs, then very cautiously proceeded to teach himself to fly. He acquired the feel in the air quickly and by April, 1910, was making short straightaway hops. For the next two months he continued to practice with the new contraption and soon mastered the little flying machine."
     I encourage you to read this entire biography of Ely. It is comprehensive, interesting and is illustrated with six unique and fascinating photgraphs. You may want to use the FIND button to locate the entry for Henning. You can access it by clicking on the title above.

John C. Henning
     This envelope which originated from the COLORADO ARMY PLANES VISIT, ENROUTE FROM AIR CORPS COAST DEFENSE EXERCISES, JUNE 2, 1931. and was signed by EB J. C. (Jack) HENNING, is postmarked COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO JUNE 2, 1931.
It has been donated through the courtesy of Stéphane Sebile.

John C. Henning
     John C. "Jack" Henning, a 1911 graduate of the Wright flying school at Dayton, died Aug. 12, 1953, in Bellaire, Tex., aged 75. A spinal cancer condition was the direct cause of death.
     A real estate salesman, he was inspired by the flying at the October 1910, St. Louis meet, where ex-President Roosevelt was flown, and shortly enrolled at Dayton, where Al Welsh soloed him after 3 hours 57 minutes of instruction.
     After a successful barnstorming season with a Wright B. he joined forces with Tom Benoist in 1912. Because of his sales and promotional experience he was made vice-president, promoting much new business.
     The greatest of his projects was Tony Jannus' record flight Omaha to New Orleans, 1835 miles, Nov. 6-Dec. 15, 1912, with a case of Lemp beer in his Benoist seaplane from St. Louis south.
     With the accidental death of Benoist he returned to real estate. Surviving are a widow, son, two daughters and a sister. From The Early Birds of Aviation CHIRP December 1, 1953, No. 50
Roster of Members
January 1, 1993
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