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Albert B. Gaines, Jr.
an article by Harold E. Morehouse
from American Aviation Historical Journal AAHS Spring 1968,
Collection of Bob Davis, 8-31-08
     "Flying Pioneer Frederick C. Hild had only recently joined the Early Birds organization and was beginning to renew his interest in pioneer aviation circles. He died suddenly at Miami on October 31, 1963 at age 73. He was survived by his wife and one son."

Collection of Massachusetts Aviation Historical Society
Courtesy of Vincent Tocco to Greg Powers, 8-5-06

I got the following from an aviation historian:
Volume 13 page 8

Eastern School of Aviation Sheephead Bay LI, NY---

This company built a tandem tractor biplane using a 8cyl. 120 hp. Maximotor. In September 1915 Tex Millman and Frederick C. Hild were the test pilots. (Obviously this was just a typical contract testing assignment for Millman). The plane was a success and was used an a training aircraft by the Company
Hild was a partner of Wm. C. Diehl in this Eastern School of Aviation what was later in 1915 renamed the United Eastern Aeroplane Corp. Their Designer/ Engineer was Edw. Marshonet.

Vincent Tocco

     If you search for "Frederick C. Hild", using the Google search engine, (9-1-08), you will find about 14 links. The one cited immediately below is especially interesting.
The International Military Digest Annual: A Review of the Current ... - Google Books Result

"by CornÚlis De Witt Willcox, Edwin Roy Stuart - 1917 - Military art and science
By Frederick C. Hild, Sphere. Mar 25, '16. 2000 words. Illustrated.]
(Mr. Hild was an American aviator accepted as a volunteer by the French government. ..."

     This appears to have been a summary or extract from the article written by Hild. It is not long, but very interesting. You can access it by clicking on the title above.

American airplanes: Ea - Ew

     You will find a nice entry for Frederick on the AeroFiles website. You can visit that reference by clicking on the title above. You may want to use the "FIND" function on "Hild" to locate the entry on the page.
     You can find a second entry on the site for "Hild-Marshonet." You can visit that page by clicking on:

     You may want to use the "Find" function on "Hild" to locate the entry on the page.

Frederick C. Hild died October 31, 1963 at age 73.
The Flying Pioneers by Harold Morehouse
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