Edwin Charles Hull
Edwin Charles Hull
Collection of David Fowler, 10-24-06

via email from David Fowler, 9-29-06
Hi Ralph
     I have just come across your site while reseaching my uncle, 2nd Lieutenant Edwin Charles Hull who was killed in a flying accident at Turnberry on 17 March 1918, his name appears on the Turnberry War Memorial.
     He was born in Bedford, UK, emmigrated to Canada in 1913? joined the 8th Canadian Mounted Rifles, rose to sergeant, joined the Royal Flying Corps and was killed when his Sopwith Camel stalled 60ft above the ground, I have a copy of the findings of the inquiry.
David Fowler
Bedford UK

Edwin Charles Hull
Edwin Charles Hull
2nd Lt Hull
The court is of opinion that the fatal accident was due to an error of judgement on the part of the Pilot, and no blame can be attached to anyone as the machine was in perfect order before the flight took place. The Pilot evidently stalled whilst turning near the ground, resulting in a spin from which he was unable to get out.
Collection of David Fowler, 10-24-06
     If you search for "Turnberry War Memorial", using the Google search engine, (10-5-06), you will find 5 links. One of them is especially relevant.

     This page features a picture of the memorial and a statement as to its purpose.
     A double Celtic Cross erected by the people of Kirkoswald Parish in 1923 to honour those airmen stationed at Turnberry Air Field who died during the First World War.
     In addition to a list of the aviators who died while in training at the Turnberry Airfield, which includes the name of E C Hull, you will find links to other related sites. Of special interest is the one to "Turnberry Airfield." It offers a history of the airfield, including the period during World War I, and a number of photographs. You can access the page by clicking on the title above.

       E C Hull was killed in a flying accident at Turnberry on 17 March 1918,
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