Vecihi Hurkus
      The Turkish on the shed photo reads, "Vecihi K-XIV, the birth of Turkish Civil Aviation.".
Photo & text courtesy of Stuart Kline, 6-12-06

Vecihi Hurkus
Vecihi Hurkus
from Detay Sayfa on the Anadolu Türk I.nterneti website.
Courtesy of Stuart Kline, 6-29-05

Vecihi Hurkus
Vecihi Hurkus in front of the finished K-XIV
      Courtesy of Mr. Pavel Svitak in Prague, who discovered the photo in a Czech aviation magazine dated May, 1931.
Photo & text courtesy of Stuart Kline, 6-12-06

Hurkus K14
Eureka! Müdje!
Photo & text courtesy of Stuart Kline, 5-25-06
Hello Everyone,
     In regards to Turkish civil aviation history, the photo above can be classified as the "Find of the Century." It is the first civilian plane constructed in Turkey, the Vecihi K-XIV. The shed was located in Moda, Kadikoy, which was used by Vecihi Hurkus before he built his hangar / warehouse at Kurbagalidere. The engine is a nine-cylinder Gnome-Rhone, which probably came off a Guadron C.27.
     This photo will be featured at AIRSHOW 2006, scheduled to be held at Etimesgut, Ankara, between 15-18 June, 2006 in A4 form along with its original glass negative.
Your comments are welcome.
Stuart Kline

Vecihi Hurkus
     This aerial view was taken from one of his two K-XIVs of the aforementioned part of Istanbul, which is located on the Anatolian side. The landmass in the background is the European side of the city with the entrance of the Bosphorus waterway in the middle.
Photo & text courtesy of Stuart Kline, 6-29-05

     If you search for "VECIHI K-XIV", using the Google search engine, (6-12-06), you will about five links. Unfortunately for those of us who only read English, each of them are written in Turkish. However, if time permits, you can sample them and enjoy some interesting photographs.
     One of them, TurkTekno.NeT - Ilk Sivil Havaci , appears to have a nice portrait of Vecihi.

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