K-XVI - Nuri Bey
     In 1933-34, Vecihi Hurkus constructed the K-XVI, the last in a short series of civil aircraft he began three years earlier with the K-XIV. He named the XVI "Nuri Bey" after the Turkish industrialist Nuri Demirag paid Vecihi a sum of either 5000 or 6500 Turkish lira, depending on which source you read, to build him an aircraft. This was to be the first general aviation plane with an enclosed cabin to be built in Turkey. Vecihi built the plane from scratch in 93 days!
Photo & text courtesy of Stuart Kline, 6-29-05

K-XVI - Nuri Bey - On Pontoons
     We believe that Vecihi, who had a reputation for flying at low altitude, crashed the plane shortly after he attached the pontoons, somewhere around Kalamis, Kadikoy (Muslim cleric village), Moda (Fashion), Fenerbahce Lighthouse Garden). I was informed by one Mehmet Gurbuz Gurer, who was the "mascot" of Vecihi's aircraft workshop in Kurbagalidere, (Froggy Stream) Kadikoy, that Vecihi crashed three of his planes in this area. I hope to be acquiring photos of one of the crashes soon.
Photo & text courtesy of Stuart Kline, 6-29-05

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