Joseph R. Hutchinson
Good afternoon from Northern Minnesota. A mutual acquaintance of ours, Mike O'Neal, asked me to contact you in reference to Early Bird member J.R. Hutchinson. I am in the process of purchasing a nice studio portrait of Hutchinson in his flight gear. There's a personal inscription which reads "To my Dear Sisters Lillian and Martha, from your kid brother, Raymond." I was wondering if Hutchinson had any sisters named Lillian or Martha. Please let me know if you have any bio data that can help confirm these names for me. In the mean time, I'm attaching a low resolution scan of the studio portrait that was provided to me at the time of purchase. I will be more than happy to share a high res scan when I receive the original. I'll be looking forward to your reply.
Chuck Thomas

PS It may be hard to see but his gauntlets are etched with the name "Hutchinson" along the cuff.
Contributed by Chuck Thomas, 8-16-10
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Joseph R. Hutchinson
Joseph R. Hutchinson
License # 282 Photo - 1914
EB CHIRP, March, 1957 Number 56
Long Beach Reunion, 1973
EB CHIRP, January 1974, Number 80

     We are happy to report that J. R. Hutchinson and Fred DeKor have been elected to membership in the Early Birds, according to announcement by the Membership Committee. The EB organization bids these new members welcome and wishes them all the joy and satisfaction which come from fellowship and association in this pioneer pilot's fraternity.
     J. R. Hutchinson was born in Philadelphia, Pa. on March 1, 1886. He first became connected with aviation activities when he enrolled in an Aeronautical Engineering extension course offered by La Salle Institute, Chicago. That was in 1912, and he completed the course the following year.
     Hutchinson made his first flight in 1913 at North Island, California in a 1912 Curtiss. From that time until the United States entered World War I he helped build and flew three flying boats. During the war he was a civilian aeronautics instructor for Uncle Sam. An accident prevented him from getting a commission and going to France. In World War II he was with the Navy Bureau of Aeronautics.
     Today he is retired and lives at 6616 LaJolla Blvd., LaJolla, California. He holds FAI certificate #282.
from the Early Birds of Aviation CHIRP, March, 1957, Number 56

     If you search for "Joseph R. Hutchinson" +aviation, using the Google search engine, (8-26-10), you will find about 701 links. You will notice that there is some confusion as to the date of his death.

Joseph R. Hutchinson died in 1975
From The Early Birds of Aviation
Roster, 1996

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