Carlos Irmscher
Carlos V. Irmscher
Courtesy of Eloy Martin, 4-17-06
Aeronautical Investigator- Argentina

English Translation
Courtesy of Eloy Martin, 4-15-06
Aeronautical Investigator- Argentina
Carlos V. Irmscher: was born in Chemmitz, Germany, April 10, 1877. He soloed on June 26, 1913, in a Farman-Gnôme biplane. He is number 26 in the official list of Argentinean aviators. He passed away in Argentina January 6, 1928.
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Cortesía de Eloy Martin, 4-15-06
Investigador Aeronáutico- Argentina
Carlos V. Irmscher: nació en Chemmitz el 10 de abril de 1877, rindió examen el 26 de junio de 1913, sobre biplano Farman-Gnôme. Número de orden 26 en la lista oficial de aviadores en argentina. Falleció en Argentina el 6 de enero de 1928.
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Amalia Celia Figueredo de Pietra
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     "Amalia Celia Figueredo, born February 18, 1895 in Rosario, was the first Argentinean to fly solo in an airplane. About the year 1914, Amalia settled down in the environs of the Villa Lugano aerodrome. She became acquainted with the Frenchman Paul Castaibert, aviator and builder of airplanes, with whom she made her first flight. This episode excited her enthusiasm for aviation. She changed her previous vocational plans, turning them completely upside down, when she enrolled in a pilot training course taught by Castaibert in a Castaibert-Anzani monoplane of 25 HP. Soon she advanced to the San Fernando school of aviator Marcel Paillete, beginning a new course in a 50 HP Farman-Gnome biplane. Months later, on the 6th of September, Amalia was ready to take the examination to earn the yearned for certificate of pilot.
      Lamentably, she had bad luck and during the test suffered an accident, happily without injuries. On October 1, 1914 she tried again, this time passing the test with distinction. The engineer Carlos Irmscher and Mr. Carlos Borcosque. conducted the test as representatives of the Argentine Flying club, In this way, Amalia Figueredo had achieved her goal to become a pilot and Argentinean aviation placed the name of a woman in its records for the first time, who had won a place in the arduous and initial world of its national aeronautics.

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Lucien S . Toutounji and his find in 2004 .
     The following extract from the article has a brief reference to Carlos Irmscher.

"Pedro Zanni was born on 12 March 1891 in a small town of Pehuajó to an Italia n couple Pedro and Dominga Zanni . His career ran like clockwork, through th e local school and National Military College (1906) which he left in 1909 with a rank of Lieutenant of Artillery . He passed through various stages of military education and finally in August 1912 landed in the, newly created, Militar y School of Aviation . He has shown particular aptitude in the control of balloons and received, early in 1913, a pilot's licence No . 17 . Later the same year, after proving himself under the tutorage of Eng . Carlos Irmscher, he was granted the pilot's licence No . 23." .

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Carlos V. Irmscher died in Argentina on January 6, 1928.
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