Chapter 2

Via email from Raja Shehadi - 11-10-03
     When the Jerwan brothers are mentioned it should always be remembered that these pioneers were hard working, motivated, and well focused on their objectives owing to their faith that they had learned from their father. Rev. Saliba Jerwan continued to teach them through letters during their early years in the USA. Those early days in the US were hard and they had little money. Notes from my great grandfather's library indicate that he sent money to them and letters encouraging them to remain in the faith and to cast their entire burden on Jesus. There is an unfinished letter, (or possibly a scratch copy), of a letter to Fuad written in 1910 expressing the above-mentioned. My great grandfather died shortly after that letter was written in 1910. I know that in 1895 Amin was in the USA, and that in 1897 Fuad and Amin were both in the USA with according to available addresses. I am still not sure when they had arrived in this country. Please see if you can help out in this area. I may contact INS and see if they can help.

Via email from "Wayne"
Shakir S, Jerwan
Born 2/16/1881 beirut,syria
Entered u.s. 1904
In who whos in aviation 1942.
PS: Do you have any info about (non-eb)roy c. votaw?
He was mentioned at 1975 San Diego EB reunion

Editor's Note: My thanks to Wayne for these tidbits of information. Regarding your request for information on Roy C. Votaw, I did a search on his name, using the Google search engine, and found five links. None of them satisfied my curiosity, but they were provacative. If time permits, I will pursue this question. Perhaps some of my other visitors can help.

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