Albert Jewell
Albert J. Jewell
Library of Congress Collection

Aviator's Body is Cast Ashore
Knoxville Journal and Tribune,
Knoxville, Tennessee: January 5, 1914,
Transcribed by Bob Davis - 3-22-04
New York, Jan. 4 - The torso of a body, believed by the police to be that of Albert J. Jewell, an aviator who disappeared while making a flight in a monoplane October 13, was cast up by the sea at Edgemere, L. I., today. It was not possible to identify the body positively.
      Jewell left the aviation field at Hempstead Plains early in the morning, intending to fly to Staten Island to take part in a flight around Manhatten island. He was last seen above Edgemere, apparently being carried out to sea by a strong wind.
Bob Davis

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