Davenport Johnson
Lt. Col. Johnson, 1919
Photo Courtesy LANGLEY LINK


     Second Lieutenant Davenport Johnson of the 19th Infantry joined the SCAS, San Diego, as student aviator January 31, 1916, learned to fly a JN4, qualified for FAI #534, July 19, 1916, and Junior Military Aviator rating October 16. After the usual three years, the war intervening, came the Military Aviator rating.
     The fall of 1916 found him with the First Aero Squadron on the border with Pershing's punitive expedition, with detached service in Mexico. He and Lieutenant Dunsworth and 129 other Regular Army and Reserve officers comprised the air force of April 6, 1917, his own station being Fort Sam Houston.
     That fall he was on detached service in Paris. Some time later he became CO of the 95th Pursuit Squadron, which, with others, made up the First Pursuit Group which began operation sin July of 1918 with the French VI Army until our own army and air force came into being. Later he was CO of the Second Pursuit Group and participated in the St. Mihiel and Argonne operations plus those in between.
     His long career in the air terminated with his retirement as Major General, November 30, 1945, with a second war behind him.
     He was born March 28, 1890, at Tyler, Texas; studied at the local schools and graduated from West Point in 1912. He served in the Infantry for four years before that examination for fitness for detail in the Aviation Section, Signal Corps.
from CHIRP, APRIL 1, 1950 - NUMBER 43
courtesy of Steve Remington - CollectAir

Lt. Col. Davenport Johnson at Langley Air Force Base, 1918

     An entry on the History Section page of the LANGLEY LINK - The Public Site for LANGLEY AFB, lists that Lt. Col. Davenport Johnson was assigned as commander 22 Aug 1919.

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Davenport Johnson died in 1963
From The Early Birds of Aviation ROSTER, 1996
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