Frank M. Johnson
Frank Johnson & Glenn Curtiss at Dominguez Hills


On January 10, 1910, Waldo Waterman and his partner Kenneth Kendall arrived at Dominguez Hill, the site of the first air meet in the United States. They had planned to enter the meet, but the engine of their plane had exploded. They soon spotted Glenn Curtiss and asked if they could join his group. He accepted their offer to work without pay and took them over to Henry Kleckler, his chief mechanic, who turned them over to a chap assembling a pusher-biplane for Frank Johnson, one of Curtiss' first aeroplane buyers. Johnson would become the first native Californian to own and fly an aeroplane on February 12, 1910.
From WALDO: Pioneer Aviator
by Waldo Waterman
with Jack Carpenter
Arsdalen, Bosch & Co., 1988

Frank M. Johnson died in 1961
From The Early Birds of Aviation
Roster, 1996

  Recommended Further Reading:
WALDO: Pioneer Aviator
A Personal History of American Aviation, 1910-1944
by Waldo Dean Waterman
with Jack Carpenter
Arsdalen, Bosch & Co.

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