Jean-Marie Landry
Our logo features a man and a woman aviators, Mr. Jean-Marie Landry along with his wife, born Hervina Bienvenue. Mr. Landry was the first francophone Quebecer to receive a pilot’s licence, in 1914 in France. This unique concept wishes to underline the major contribution of all Quebecers, men and women, in Québec air and space heritage.
via email from André Verret - 9-24-03
Dear Sir:
I just came across your fabulous web site of Early Birds. This is quite a piece of work. Congratulations.
About Jean-Marie Landry who for us was the first francophone from Quebec to earn a pilot's licence. If you consult our web page , you will find under our logo a small picture of Jean-Marie Landry and his wife Hervina Bienvenu. This is the logo of our organization.
We have lots of details about Jean-Marie including all sorts of pictures dating from his early career in this province.
He was born on August 14, 1888. He went to France and learned to fly at the Bue school near Versailles, a school operated by Louis Blériot. He received his pilot's licence from the hands of Louis Blériot on June 20, 1914. He flew a few missions over some of the battlefields of the first world war then returned to Canada.
Back in Canada, with an acquired Blériot aircraft, he made some demonstration flight, took people up for rides and did aerobatics for special occasions. When the Quebec bridge was inaugurated, he flew under it, quite a stunt for the period.
He tried to set up a small flying business. He flew mail from Quebec City to Three Rivers.
He was a member of the Aero Club of America and is listed with the Early Bird Club.
We have all sorts of photos for this great aviation pioneer. We could make copies of some of these if you are interested. Let us have your postal address and I will be glad to send some of them for your records.
Again, congratulations for the work you are doing. I am a volunteer for our non profit organization which is called Fondation Aérovision Québec Inc.
You may have our coordinates which are:
Fondation Aérovision Québec Inc
4625,rue Leckie, suite 600
Saint-Hubert, Qc J8Y 9E6
Tel: 450 678 1720
Fax: 450 678 9198
André Verret
     If you search for "Jean-Marie Landry +aviation" using the Google search engine, (9-24-03), you will find about 12 links. Preeminent among them is the one immediately below.
"Fondation Aerovision Quebec was created to generate an awareness of the exceptional contribution of Quebec to the conquest of the air. This was to be achieved by fostering the implementation of the Québec Air and Space Museum, at the Saint-Hubert airport (near Montréal, Canada), which would be devoted to the preservation of the aeronautical heritage of Quebec, as well as that of the pioneers and heroes of our aviation history."
     You will find that a visit to this site is a good place to start your study of Canadian aviation. You may choose from either a French or English version. On the menu you will find sections devoted to Foundation, Museum, History 1, History 2, What's New, Shop, Email and Links. You will find biographies of several pioneers which are not yet available on my website. You can access the site by clicking on the title above.
     "Aviation notables gathered in Calgary, March 31, 1973, for the third investiture of the Order of Icarus. Among those present were C.H. 'Punch' Dickins, most Senior Companion of the Order; Captain James A. Lovell Jr., U.S. astronaut and guest speaker for the evening; and well-known, hard-working aviators like S.A. 'Sammy' Tomlinson, S.R. 'Stan' McMillan, Walter E. Gilbert, and Maxwell W. Ward.
     The gathering sparked a headline in the Calgary Herald: Hall of Fame Aviators Gather in Calgary. These words set in motion an idea which gathered momentum as the year progressed. A founding Board of Directors was created with C.H. 'Punch' Dickins as Chairman, Donald N. Watson as Vice-Chairman, and H.W. 'Harry' Hayter as Secretary. Others included Z.L. 'Lewie' Leigh, P.S. 'Stan' Turner, and L. 'Lindy' Rood. Raymond A. Munro took on the bulk of the work, and served as the initial Managing Director. Canada's Aviation Hall of Fame was incorporated August 2, 1973.."

     This website was recommended to me by André Verret, who kindly supplied the biographical notes and the photo which you find at the top of this page. As he advised in a recent email, "There are some interesting names in the Hall of Fame which would qualify as early birds prior to 1917." You will find biographies of several pioneers which are not yet available on my website. You can access the site by clicking on the title above.

Jean M. Landry died in 1956
From The Early Birds of Aviation
Roster of Members
January 1, 1993

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