Before Amelia
Letters From Vienna

Julia Foote & Kris Mleczko
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Hardcover: 80 pages 8.3 wide × 10.7 tall
Publisher: Hungry Kitty Productions 2009 List Price: $36.00
ISBN: 1574884824

My wife, Julia Foote recently published "Letters from Vienna", a transcript of letters written by her great-grandmother describing her travel to Vienna in 1913. The first letters describe the transoceanic trip on a steamship where she met "a German aviatrix Miss Lagler" traveling back to Europe after some air shows in the USA. Here's a link to the publisher of the book:

Letters From Vienna


Kris Mleczko

  Editor's Note:
     Mr. Mleczko has kindly contributed an excerpt from the book which includes the reference to Bozena. You can enjoy it by clicking on the link below:


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